Over the last few years, more small businesses have been opened across the United Kingdom but with the challenges of the economy of the world, we have seen these same businesses be challenged. Never before has there been such a need for a strong business strategy focusing of growth sustainability and culture. 
Bailey Dean has the ambition to support these same businesses during their first years as they start to grow and develop, leaning on a team of seasoned professionals with unique skill sets Bailey Dean is able to combine bold strategy development with transformational technology and master marketing to support small businesses grow and develop faster and stronger than ever. 

Our Company. 

Bailey Dean is a national UK-based business consulting group that partners with SME businesses to support them in tackling their most important challenges as they grow and develop their companies using the skills and knowledge we have gained through academic learning and practical application. Our success derives from our ambition to see all the companies we work with grow and develop through the knowledge of our unique and diverse support network. 

Our Mission and Values. 

Bailey Dean strives to improve everybody and every business we come into contact with by sharing our knowledge and helping them to improve and build their business through analysis, strategy and training. 


We should never just do what the client asks we should always look to step above. 


As a team, we should always be striving to improve on our own knowledge and development. 


We must instil complete trust in our team and our clients to help give them the best results. 

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