Although business coaches can be valuable to business owners and c suite executives throughout their careers there has become a dilutable acceptance to what qualifies as a business coach especially for small business owners. 
With many challenges to look out for we have highlighted a few reasons not to choose a business coach when you are starting out in your small business. 
Business coaching costs 
Small business coaches can be very expensive often charging up to £500 an hour, which for most small businesses you have to require a certain turnover to be able to afford however if you find the right business coach who has proven understanding of the psychology of the human mind and how to draw answers out of you then they can become a benefit. If however, a business coach is set to provide recommendations based on previous experience this could be a shift into mentoring – add link to blog 
Business coaching takes time 
Unlike business consulting where you agree on key deliverables on the day one strategy session business coaching takes time. If you are working with an experienced coach they usually put a lime limit in place, this could be four sessions this could be twelve sessions. The use of having a business coach is to realign your mindset and get you over a hump, this rarely takes an extended period of time. 
Business coaching should not be trainers. 
Business coaches are about the mindset of the individual and although they may support you in learning new techniques to deal with stress, anxiety or fear they rarely teach you how to run your business. There are however many companies out there that specialise in training for small businesses you may also choose to look at an academic course to learn the fundamentals of bookkeeping or marketing for example. If the business coach you are working with starts to train you within their methods you may find that they are moving you into a different direction than you feel comfortable with and you start to lose control and autonomy. 
Business coaching should be a smooth experience. 
There are many business coaches that will try and force a spare peg into a round hole, this should never be a case for a business coach. You should never leave the coaching session feeling upset or fearful of your next one. If this is happening it might be because you have the wrong coach or it may be because coaching isn’t right for you. This is sometimes where consulting can help, with Bailey Dean Consulting we offer a package that leaves you with the tools to continue delivering the services that we have helped you put in place. 
Business Coaching may not be effective. 
Business coaching always should focus on the mindset of the individual, this means that you have to go into your sessions with a mindset of change. If you resist working with the business coach or the business coach is trying to force you into change then you may become resistant and therefore you will not see the change that you want and or need to help you to develop the business. Some people feel uncomfortable working with business coaches because of the lack of fit, it is always beneficial to search around to find the right business coach for you. 
Business coaches should collaborate with leaders of businesses. 
Business coaches should work with leaders of personal issues that affect the business not business issues for example it is not up to the business coach to recommend how the business leader should change their marketing plan unless the marketing plan adjustments come from the business owner themselves by the business coach asking strategic questions to draw the information out of the client working with the business coach. 
There are several other solutions to business coaching such as personal development, academic learning, masterminds, networking groups and round tables therefore business coaching is by no means the only option. 
Bailey Dean are a business consulting company often turned to by business owners when business coaching doesn’t work. Bailey Dean are a consulting company that will come and work with a business for a set amount of time to deliver agreed up on deliverables. 
In recent years, the UK has seen an increase in businesses being opened, but the economic challenges have made it difficult for these businesses to thrive. This highlights the urgency for effective business strategies that prioritize growth, sustainability, and culture. Bailey Dean aims to help these businesses navigate their early stages of growth by leveraging a talented team of professionals. With a blend of strategic planning, cutting-edge technology, and expert marketing, Bailey Dean enables small businesses to grow and succeed at a rapid pace 
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