Business productivity evaluations have historically been reserved for large companies however they serve a purpose for businesses of any size. 
Bailey Dean works with small businesses to take their business through an in-depth productivity evaluation to diagnose any potential to streamline the effectiveness of the business and return a higher return on investment to the owners and shareholders. 

Examples of our work 

Bailey Dean previously did a productivity evaluation on a small business with 4 full-time employees and 6 part-time employees. Bailey Dean was instructed to complete the evaluation by looking specifically at how more time could be utilised for money-generating tasks. 
Bailey Dean identified that only 40% of the average employees time was being utilised for money-generating tasks with the rest being used for marketing purposes. 
The solution was to redesign the roles of each employee dedicating two of the current team to solely working on the marketing and directing the rest of the team to work that could be billed to clients. 

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