Looking from a pure price point of view, Facebook clearly has it cheaper. The average cost per click on Google ad words is £2.69 compared to £0.97 on Facebook with an average click through rate of 3.17% and 0.9% respectively and a conversion rate of 3.75% to 9.21%. 
From a study done by web fx, they claim that for every £1 spent on Google £8 is made and for every £1 spent on Facebook advertising £2.5 is made. 
By this reasoning, you would be over three times better off to use Google advertising. 
However, as with everything, it's not that simple. Both businesses have incredibly large reaches with Google boasting over 5.8 billion searches every single day while Facebook has an estimated 1.73 billion users. 
Most clients that you are looking for will be present on both, using Google for an initial search but then most likely going to social media for social credibility, how do you present yourself on social media, how do you interact with clients, what are the reviews like? 
Before deciding on which platform to use you have to decide what you want to achieve, quick sales in the professional market? Then you should probably head to Google adverts, want to sell homemade cakes in your local area? Look towards Facebook. 
However what would happen if both of these platforms were used in partnership in a formulated strategy? 
Both of these platforms make you able to track your prospects likes and interests and therefore you can start to make patterns between both, if 90% of your prospects are aged between 25 - 35 and own dogs for example this information then gives you a secret weapon to create specific adverts that show an individual between 25- 35 with a dog in the picture, this alone will help the potential client think that you are more created and should increase sales. 
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