By systemising sales you can start to predict the outcome of activity. 
Systemisation is a buzzword that gets thrown around a lot in business, if you have been in business for more than 5 minutes then you will have heard at least one person claim you need to systemise your business to grow and develop however what a lot of businesses don’t understand is what is a system within a business context and how do systems drive growth. 
A business system is a clearly laid out set of procedures to complete a specific task in your business. A system should be written so that any individual that works within your business or anyone that comes in externally into your business is able to effectively run your business within a short amount of time. 
These systems can be flow charts, checklists, longhand, videos, and the list continues however the important part is that they must relay the correct information so that training isn’t required. 
Having these correct systems in place frees up the business owners to develop the growth of the business. Michael Gerber explains it best in the E-myth. Gerber explains that there are three levels of business technician, manager and entrepreneur. 
The technician is the doer, this is who the systems are developed for. By creating these systems you can decrease your payroll as by systemising your business you will have a clearer picture of all the repetitive tasks that need to be accomplished. In the current technological period of time you’ll have at least a few tasks that you have an individual doing that will just as easily be able to be outsourced to technology or as it is not a systemised task you’ll be able to get a remote worker doing the same task at a cheaper cost. 
Most businesses are unable to grow because the owner is stuck in the manager position. The manager position is the one that runs the day to day of business. The owner is often unable to get out of this position because they have a feeling that if they put another person in the business they will lose control. Systems give you the opposite of these. By creating the systems for the new manager to come in they then have the ability to run the business as you would, systems give the business order and structure especially in decision making. 
Once you have the systems created you have the ability to step away from the day to day of the business and look at how to grow revenue or to expand to other geographic areas or now you aren’t working in the business you’ll be able to sell the business to an investor level. 
Systems aren’t just great for running the business because you have a framework of how the business runs you will be able to forecast much more effectively, therefore this will help you identify problems ahead of time and when they do occur you’ll have the ability to rectify them asap by leaning back onto your proven systems. 
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