Our client was an established carpet fitting company based in Bristol that has been family-run for the past forty years, with a great reputation and a consistent offering. 
The original owner Peter was looking to retire and his son Ian to take over the family business. Ian was looking to geographically expand the business over the next ten years to have a national brand however the business was currently being run by a small team of eight people and therefore didn't have the infrastructure to expand. 
Ian asked Bailey Dean to come and support his expansion plans by creating an infrastructure for the business including training and operations manuals so that the teams had a replicable model that could then be rolled out to their pilot second territory. 
Ian was taking a risk by looking to expand an already established brand that would put pressure on the company and would need an almost immediate expansion of the team and an influx of investment capital for the set-up in each new location. 
Before any large costs were incurred the team at Bailey Dean researched competitors to identify if the model that Ian had was able to compete in the new territory, our consultants also ran a worst-case scenario cash flow to identify any weaknesses within the current business. 
By bringing in a company like Bailey Dean, we were able to call on expertise within the business and within our network to act as a support team to give advice and guidance. For example our consultants were able to take the branding of Ian's company plus the six other companies that we believed would be the biggest competitors during expansion to our graphics team, who were then able to identify and brand adjustments recommended before launch. 
After the original three-month consulting period, Ian was able to see the strengths of his company compared to the competitors and launch in new territories. Ian ultimately decided not to expand as fast as he originally wanted as we were able to identify several weaknesses that needed to be addressed before launch for example where the company has been operating for so long within the same area most of their work came in from word of mouth, therefore, they had no outbound sales system which means that upon launch they wouldn't have had the relevant data to grow sales at the speed needed, therefore, Ian took the responsibility of the sales within the local area, where we are able to start tracking the sales before bringing on a local BDM to test and roll it out on a larger scale. Ian and Bailey Dean are still in an ongoing relationship and planning for a launch into the second new territory in March 2023. 

Case Studies 

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